Recycling Old Gold

Sell your old gold to us

Your old gold can be put to work using our professional recycling service. In South Africa we buy your unwanted old gold, get that gold recycled back into the system,
and have each party and the economy benefit financially, and the planet benefit environmentally.

Sell To Us

Our over-crowded world is suffering from excessive consumer demand and the planet is suffering from over-exploitation of resources. Future sustainability will be greatly affected by what each of us can do in the areas of Reduce, Re-use and Recyle.

At SA Bullion we have a commercial initiative that plays a role in sustainability. It revolves around working with you and your unwanted old gold, whether it is in the form of jewellery, medallions, coins, sculptures, etc.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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“The entire process of interacting with SA Bullion was ultra-professional, swift and efficient. Highly recommended.”

Roger Price, customer

A Simple Process


Contact SA Bullion

By telephone 021 447 3240
By Whatsapp +27 60 337 7039
By email
By Tawk online

Send Photos

You send photographs of your old gold via email or WhatsApp.


You get “FICA-ed”. Note: you must be a South African resident.

Visit Us

You schedule an appointment in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Items are Analysed

You observe your old gold being analysed for gold purity.

Items are Weighed

You observe your old gold products weighed.

Gold Price Verification

You verify the current live gold spot price.

Purchase Order Issued

SA Bullion produces a purchase order that itemizes the deal and your bank details. You receive a Real-Time EFT to your bank account

VAT 264 Form Produced

SA Bullion produces a VAT264 Form that you sign.


You depart with a surprising amount of cash in your account.

Bespoke Service

SA Bullion offers a bespoke service to high-net worth clients and deceased estate administrators.

Convert into Investment

SA Bullion offers conversion of old gold into investment gold in one of the company’s facilities.

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