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Here’s how your savings would have grown had you started with a monthly contribution of ten years ago.

Get more for your money

10 years ago, a 1/100th fraction of a one ounce Krugerrand would have cost you and your investment amount would have been able to buy Krugerrand/s at a total cost of - Today, this investment in gold would have outperformed cash in the bank by a difference of

BullionGold Facility value today

Cash in bank value today

1Data is based on an investment of per month over the last 10 years. No fees or bank charges have been considered. The return on cash in the bank assumes monthly compounding of interest at the 1 month CD rate (US) and the FNB Call Rate (RSA). Past performance is not an indication for future performance. Source: Profiledata / US Federal Reserve / SA Bullion Research (2015)

Historical Gold Performance (10 years)
Year BullionGold Facility Cash In Bank Difference Krugerrands Acquired

Investment Details

SA Bullion fee
Net Investment amount

Summary Information

Total Krugerrands purchased over 10 years
Total contributions over 10 years
BullionGold Facility value
Cash In Bank value
Difference in value

Benefits of your investment

Invest in brand new Krugerrands at the lowest cost in the world
Enjoy direct ownership of your gold
Vaulting at Rand Refinery Limited and insured by Lloyds of London
Redeem any amount at any time at full value
Physical delivery option available

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