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SA Bullion | Follow your faith. Invest in gold


Rest assured knowing you’ve found a Halaal investment solution. Open a HasanaGold Facility today.

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your faith.
Invest in gold.

Rest assured knowing you’ve found
a Halaal investment solution.
Open a HasanaGold Facility today.

Start Investing

A financial blessing

At SA Bullion, your faith is important to us, as is your financial well-being. Providing a form of Sunnah money, gold has always been recognised as an honest store of value.

Invest with us for peace of mind, knowing you have made a positive difference in the lives of your family and community.

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How it works


    Open a facility online and choose how much capital you would like to invest.


    Provided your capital is above the requisite amount, it will be converted to newly-minted Krugerrands.


    Your gold is securely vaulted at Rand Refinery and fully-insured with Lloyds of London.


    We provide our clients with comprehensive monthly statements and quarterly reports. Require an immediate update? Conveniently log in at any time to check on your investment’s progress.


    You may make ad-hoc capital deposits at your convenience. Need cash quickly? Redeem or transfer your gold at any time by going online or sending us an email or fax.


    Securely convert and transfer your investment to your bank account.

Start Investing

Recommended minimum investment of R25,000.

After carefully examining the details and the contents of the HasanaGold Facility, I am satisfied that the HasanaGold Facility offered by SA Bullion is in accordance with Islamic law.

Dr Yasin Dutton

Associate Professor of Arabic Studies and Director of the School of Languages and Literatures, University of Cape Town

A long-term investment solution
for Muslim investors

Comparing the investment performance of R100,000 or $100,000 invested
in the HasanaGold Facility against a bank deposit1

HasanaGold Facility

Bank Deposit

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  • R
  • $

HasanaGold Facility


Cash In Bank


1Data is based on an initial investment of R 100,000 or $ 100,000 over the last 10 years. No fees or bank charges have been considered. The return on cash in the bank assumes monthly compounding of interest at the 1 month CD rate (US) and the FNB Call Rate (RSA). Past performance is not an indication for future performance. Source: Profiledata / US Federal Reserve / SA Bullion Research (2015)

Using the past as a guide to the future

Imagine you had invested in gold 10 years ago.
What would your investment be worth now? Lets compare the performance of cash in the bank against gold in the HasanaGold Facility over the last 10 years.

Are you a South African resident?

I have found the HasanaGold Facility to be in harmony with my religious beliefs and an excellent investment at the same time.

Rayhaan Variawa
Business process engineer

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