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Halaal investing made simple.

The HasanaGold Facility adapts to your faith.

Lump Sum

Make a single contribution of your choice to acquire gold. Any subsequent lump sum contributions to your Facility can be made at a time of your convenience.

Monthly Debit order

Conveniently contribute to your Facility via a monthly debit order. Your capital accumulates until reaching the requisite amount and is then converted into gold.

Start Investing

Recommended minimum investment of R25,000.

No hidden costs

The HasanaGold Facility adapts to your needs.


Initial Fee

A 1% initial fee is levied on cash contributions.


Krugerrand Pricing

Acquire newly-minted Krugerrands at a premium of 3% over the gold price.



Have your gold vaulted, insured and managed for 2% p.a.

The most effective and affordable means of physical gold ownership that is 100% secure.

Key Features of the Facilities


Gold is a unique physical asset with a long history as a store of value. Acquiring gold bullion diversifies your portfolio, securing your wealth in the long-term.


Inversely correlated to other currencies, gold tends to appreciate in value when other currencies fall, providing a useful currency hedge to include in your portfolio.


In today’s interconnected banking system, Gold’s position outside the banking system makes it immune to bank failure.


Allowing Muslim investors to store and accumulate their wealth in accordance with Islamic law, the HasanaGold facilities provide a truly Halaal investment solution.

Here are our notes

Why should I invest in Gold Bullion Krugerrands instead of other forms of physical gold?

Unlike gold bars, the bullion Krugerrand offers you the following advantages; It is legal tender and attracts no VAT (This is a 15% cost-saving if... Read More

What price will I pay for my Krugerrands?

Your Krugerrands are purchased at the LBMA afternoon gold price fix plus a 3% refining and minting premium. The premium covers the cost of... Read More

Can I open SA Bullion facilities for my minor children?

Yes, provided FICA documentation is provided at application stage, parents and guardians of minor children may open facilities held in the name of... Read More

Where are my Krugerrands Vaulted and Stored ?

Your Krugerrands are vaulted and held in secure custody under your title on site at Rand Refinery Limited in Germiston, South Africa. Rand... Read More

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