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Best Price Guarantee* - We will buy your bullion Krugerrands from you at above market value and will better any written quotation that you send to us.
Safe and Secure - We will meet with you at a highly secure location in Bedfordview and Cape Town to validate the Krugerrand/s and facilitate immediate payment to you via real-time EFT.
100% Confidentiality** - The security and protection of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. We are licensed by the Financial Services Conduct Authority and subscribe to best practices regarding the protection of your personal information

*The percentage above market value will vary depending on market conditions. The standard buyback rate is 2% more than the market value.
**In terms of the FICA Act we will require 1) a copy of your identification and 2) proof of your residential address

Price indicator until 2pm 23 January 2020

KR size 1 oz ½ oz ¼ oz oz
Price R 22,767.02 R 11,383.51 R 5,691.76 R 2,276.70

Prices may move up or down subject to changes in the gold price

Try our personalised calculator below to see how much we will pay you for your Krugerrands.

KR Size Quantity Total Price per Krugerrand
1 oz Krugerrand R1000
½ oz Krugerrand R1000
¼ oz Krugerrand R1000
⅒ oz Krugerrand R1000
Total Oz Total Due To You
0 Oz 0

I would like to accept this price and proceed with the sale of my Krugerrands to SA Bullion.