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The modern way of saving
and investing in Gold

The SA Bullion facilities allow investors to acquire brand new Krugerrands directly from the agent of the South African Reserve Bank, removing all risk of counterfeit and contamination. Enjoy the lowest friction charges for buying and redeeming physical gold while receiving secure vaulting and insurance of your gold holdings. With the addition of expert advice and dedicated support, SA Bullion brings together all these benefits in one comprehensive service.




Every Facility features a segregated call account in the client’s name to deal with cash. Clients in the BullionGold Facility enjoy a ‘Large Depositor’ rate of interest on their cash balances. As and when sufficient amounts of cash are available, gold is acquired seamlessly. A gold disposal results in the cash proceeds being allocated to the client’s call account. Should the client need to withdraw cash from their Facility, this occurs at real-time once authorized. All fees and charges are 100% disclosed.

HasanaGold Facility: Any minimal interest earned is automatically donated as a disbursement to Gift of the Givers – www.giftofthegivers.org.


Your gold holdings are vaulted at Rand Refinery, the largest gold refiner in the world and your assets are fully-insured through Lloyds of London. Client holdings are reconciled daily and the vault is regularly audited by PwC. Clients requiring physical delivery of gold receive their Krugerrands via an insured courier service. The SA Bullion Facilities offer ‘an unbroken chain of integrity’.


Our Dealing Desk transacts with Rand Refinery on your behalf, acquiring newly minted Krugerrands as and when your cash balance permits. SA Bullion acquires your Krugerrands at a preferential rate exclusive to SA Bullion. Our Dealing Desk transacts with the South African Reserve Bank when executing gold sales. Our clients receive the full gold price on redemption with zero charges.


SA Bullion provides Facility holders with notifications on every transaction as well as a comprehensive statement each month. Clients enjoy secure online access to their Facilities with real-time values and prices. It is an SA Bullion mission to better inform our clients on gold, currency and related matters and to this end we produce a high quality quarterly report four times a year. In addition we offer a blog and newsworthy material via social media platforms.


Every day, more people return to using tried and tested products; products which are dependable and timeless. The same should be true when it comes to making financial decisions. Providing long-term security and portfolio diversification, the BullionGold facility allows you to seamlessly convert your capital or portion of your monthly income into newly-minted, gold Krugerrands. Gold has longevity. Reap its lasting rewards while enjoying modern convenience and flexibility.


You believe financial decisions should honour your faith. We do too. Too often, finding a facility which is Halaal is difficult and time-consuming. Let us simplify it for you. Offering a long-term solution to accumulating and storing your wealth, the HasanaGold Facility allows you to effortlessly convert your capital or portion of your monthly income into newly-minted gold Krugerrands. Gold has always had a place in Islamic history. Continue that tradition with the added benefits of modern convenience and flexibility.