Company News 08,10,2016

Press Release | Brexit – 24 June 2016

Dear Investors,

At SA Bullion we could not foretell that Great Britain would leave the European Union.

We could not predict this rise of anti-government sentiment, stoked by fascists, that is causing polarisation in Britain, much like the situation in the United States.

We do however, have clear ideas on the subject at a high level that are captured in our new brand book that goes to press today.

We thought we would like to share this snippet with you:

“In today’s world of control and regulation, freedom is becoming increasingly difficult to attain. Global bodies continually increase compliance requirements. These regulations aid governments in exerting control over their currencies and citizens. As our world advances our personal freedoms deteriorate.

Gold gives untainted financial freedom, providing the holder with security and protection from

governments, politicians and banks. It is the currency of the global citizen.