Company News 10,03,2017

We need a new name for our BarakaGold Facility

Most, if not all businesses, confront occasional challenges and we at SA Bullion are not immune.

We were proud to bring our BarakaGold Facility to the market last year, and we have been gratified by the uptake by clients and financial advisers alike. We love everything about this investment product. We love the gold investment that we offer our clients, we love the tailoring for our Muslim clients, and we also love the name that we devised – BarakaGold.

Baraka means blessings. But not simple blessings, but the blessings that come to a man through toil and sweat. These are hard-earned blessings.

BarakaGold resonated with us and we found that it resonated with the Muslim market. It has been a heart-warming success.

Unfortunately this story does not have a happy ending. Albaraka Bank see us as treading on their turf and our choices have been to change the name of our product or fight Albaraka Bank in the High Court. As you know, court actions are expensive and perhaps more importantly, the cost in terms of time and effort is enormous.

There is definitely an argument for us to defend our position, but with all things considered, we have decided to change the name of BarakaGold Facility and to focus on that which is positive and life-enhancing.

Now we invite you to assist us in devising a new name for this product that means so much to us. To have some fun we are offering a one-tenth Krugerrand to the first person to propose the name that we ultimately select for our renaming!

To help guide you: we seek a single word that combines with Gold and fulfills all the attributes that we speak of in the product brochure available at

Please send your submission to by commenting on our facebook competition post, or emailing by 22 March.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you good luck!