Press Release | President Trump: Leader of the Free World

Gold Updates 09,11,2016

Press Release | President Trump: Leader of the Free World – 09 Nov 2016

The people of the United States of America have delivered us a President Trump

We are not happy that a majority of voters in the 2016 US Presidential Election have placed a misogynistic, racist, Islamophobic, unstable character at the head of the most powerful nation on the planet.

We do not look forward to developments in the First World that are becoming more reactionary and authoritarian, and where political power is being increasingly aggregated in the hands of populist leaders who are appealing to anger and xenophobia.

We understand why this is happening. We understand that much of the white, middle-class, male anger has its roots predominantly in two major processes: most recently, the post-2008 Financial Crisis bail-outs of banks at the cost of the middle class and to the benefit of the super-rich; and secondly, globalisation that moved factory-work from the West to the East.

Unfortunately the Brexiters in Britain and the Trumpeters in the USA are not going to make the world a better and safer place. Quite the opposite. And to those who say that the people elect their leaders and the people know what is right – we offer a South African rejoinder – look what sort of president the people has given us in South Africa.

We do not know what a President Trump, come 20 January 2017, is going to mean for the US, the world the Dollar, and for gold. However, in our estimation President Trump will be a negative for the US economy and the Dollar, and a big positive for gold.

In closing we would remind you, our valued client, to revisit our most recent quarterly report (attached) and our 24 June 2016 note concerning Brexit which contained these words:

“In today’s world of control and regulation, freedom is becoming increasingly difficult to attain. Global bodies continually increase compliance requirements. These regulation aid governments in exerting control over their currencies and citizens. As our world advances our personal freedoms deteriorate. Gold gives untainted financial freedom, providing the holder with security and protection from governments, politicians and bank. It is the currency of the global citizen.”


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