Company News 01,12,2016

SA Bullion in Kwazulu-Natal

SA Bullion recently visited Kwazulu-Natal where we hosted a number of presentations and seminars for Wealth Managers in the region. The response was very positive, with notable interest given to the recent launch of The BarakaGold Facility our Shariah compliant offering. This owing to the large population of Muslim Investors being served by Financial Advisors in the region.

SA Bullion sees KZN as a key market for the gold bullion facilities we offer. KZN has the largest population of Indians in South Africa, who along with a significant Muslim population, have had a long an enduring relationship with Gold as an investment asset through the generations. We see vast potential for a the ideal fit our products present to this market segment.

We are extremely proud of the distribution network we have developed in KZN over the years, and will continue to focus on this region as a key target for our marketing effort in 2017.