Company News 25,10,2019

SA Bullion launches its International Gold Facilities

SA Bullion has established SA Bullion International in order to assist investors with international gold dealing and vaulting services. SA Bullion has established  international custody arrangements with the vaults in Dubai and Zurich.

The company is a Global Business Company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius and is part of the South African gold dealing and custody group SA Bullion, with headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.

SA Bullion International is an approved International Dealer for the world’s largest gold refinery – Rand Refinery in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company deals exclusively in Responsible Gold from Rand Refinery, a member of the London Bullion Market association and one of five International Referees of the LBMA.


SA Bullion International offers global dealing and custody services in three gold products :


For anymore information please contact us using our chatbot on the homepage or alternatively on our whatsapp business number at +27 64 011 5465.


Download the Full International Brochure here

Download the Full Gold Dealing Brochure here