Krugerrand 2018

Company News 09,10,2018

SA Bullion Launches Retail Krugerrand Dealing Division

For 12 years SA Bullion has offered a custody service for gold bullion holdings. This is available to our BullionGold Facility and HasanaGold Facility clients. In support of this service, the company conducts dealing on behalf of clients on both ends – i.e. buying and selling.

It has long been an aspiration of the firm to broaden its scope as a purveyor of gold, to include a retail offering. In this space the firm would simply be a retailer, selling gold to customers and buying gold from the public.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Rand Refinery Limited and have been operational in this new line of business since September 2018. In this time we have done more than R220 million of new business!

For information regarding our retail proposition please visit our website ( and click on Buy/Sell Krugerrand.