Company News 27,10,2016

A Gold Future – A story about our mission as a company

If like us, you are searching for balance in life – a means of appreciating the simpler things while providing security for you and your family’s future, then look no further.

We have no greater wish for you than finding love, peace, freedom and happiness. Although we are unlikely to play any part in the realms of love and peace, we would like to assist in your pursuit of freedom and happiness.

In today’s world of control and regulation, freedom is becoming increasingly difficult to attain.

Global bodies continually increase compliance requirements. These regulations aid governments in exerting control over their currencies and citizens.

As our world advances our personal freedoms deteriorate. Gold gives untainted financial freedom, providing the holder security and protection from governments, politicians and banks. It is the currency of the global citizen.

Happiness comes from harmony and prosperity. It is our privilege to assist you in attaining a successful life; one where you have a rich diversity of investments including gold and its unique

2000-year history as a source of wealth security.

As you take stock of where your life is now, weighing up past decisions and carefully planning ahead for the future, we hope you consider gold as one of the keys to achieving that balance.

Only by honouring this commitment to ourselves and our own families were we able to fully comprehend gold’s potential for others in pursuit of a balanced life.