Future of Gold (2)

Company News 18,03,2019

The Future of Gold at SA Bullion

We want to acknowledge where we came from and look to our future in Gold in 2019.

Our fledgling retail business that commenced operations in July last year has been a spectacular success under the guidance of Imran O’Brien. This is where we see the future of gold at SA Bullion.

We have been in the business of providing a gold custody service since our founding in 2005, and for much of the time since 2005 we have wished to offer a gold retail service where the client who wishes to purchase Krugerrands outright can have them delivered immediately. This necessitated another set of approvals for us. In six months of operations, we have done approximately R150 million in sales. Imran is presently refining our operations on the buy-side where we purchase Krugerrands from the public and so act as a market-maker. We have aspirations for a high quality, high-volume service on the buy-side, just as we now have on the sell-side.

We are delighted to report that following corporate restructuring and reorganization over the last three months, the company’s four directors have become co-equal owners in the business and our interests’ are perfectly aligned. This is something of a fulfillment of a ten-year dream for Imran, Clint, Helen and Hilton, and they couldn’t be more proud of the spectacular growth of SA Bullion.

We thank you for your patronage in 2018 and wish you all success for 2019.