SA Bullion has its roots in our personal desire to invest in gold. The ambition was to find the simplest and most cost-effective means of doing so, while harnessing the latest technology. The founders’ personal investments in gold developed into the service that is shared with thousands of clients today. With the added benefits of convenient reporting, flexible contributions and online management, SA Bullion is simplifying and updating gold for the modern age, helping you grow and protect your wealth for generations to come.

An Enduring Concept

Our experience in top investment firms has led us to believe that gold is special. Why?

  • Gold is proven to retain its value over thousands of years
  • Gold is immune to currency weakness and bank failures
  • Gold has great acceptance worldwide making it easily tradeable

100% Direct Ownership

The SA Bullion investment solutions deal exclusively in high-credibility Krugerrands, Minted Bars and Cast Bars that are acquired from source – the largest gold refinery in the world. Utilising trusted partnerships, every ounce of your gold is safely stored in your name in one of the world’s most advanced vaults in Johannesburg, Dubai or Zurich. Comprehensively insured by the world’s leading underwriter, the gold only leaves the vault upon your instruction.

Meet the Founders

Following a long career with leading investment management firms Hilton Davies embarked on a path to establish South Africa’s first specialist gold bullion investment firm in 2005. Some years of working with Rand Refinery and the authorities led to the launch of the company’s first investment offering – the BullionGold Facility. From Day 1 design and development of the technology platform came from co-founder Helen Davies, wife of Hilton. In 2008 an introduction by Rand Refinery resulted in leading industry players, brothers Imran O’Brien and Clint O’Brien joining the leadership of the enterprise, with a shared vision - a future in gold.


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