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SA Bullion offers an alternative to cash in the bank


Enable your clients to achieve a true bedrock investment and an alternative form of saving and investing.

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Enable your clients to achieve a true bedrock investment and an alternative form of saving and investing.

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SA Bullion’s success over the past ten years can largely be attributed to the relationship we hold with our financial advisors and intermediaries worldwide. As Africa’s first investment manager in gold bullion, we are proud of our distribution agreements with IFA’s and intermediaries, without which we would not be here today. To this extent, we consistently work to evolve our business model and products to support you.

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Benefits of SA Bullion

For your clients

Introduce clients to directly owned physical gold.

Unlock clients’ access to assets held outside the banking system.

Provide your clients with an innovative portfolio diversifier and Rand-hedge.

A complete solution for physical gold ownership.

For you

Intermediate business into physical gold and help your clients to achieve physical gold ownership.

Derive a fee income for assets held under management with SA Bullion.

Underpin your investment book with a strong Rand-hedge, thereby aligning your business interests with those of your clients.

Engage with one of the most innovative financial products in gold investments

What does SA Bullion offer?

Gold Facilities for
Smart Savers

Our savings product option has been designed to help your clients reach their savings goal quicker by automatically converting their cash into gold, the surest currency on Earth.

Gold Facilities for
Bedrock Investors

Our investment product option has been designed to enhance your clients financial portfolio by enabling of portion of it to be allocated to gold, outside of the banking system.

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The solutions apply to both the BullionGold and HasanaGold Facility.

In my dealings with SA Bullion, I have found them to people of noteworthy integrity. This most certainly inspires one to, in your own business, strive for further excellence.

Mohamed Jaffer
Financial advisor

Fee structure

Your Initial Earning

The Initial Fee is levied on the amount invested, in respect of your advice and intermediation. This fee is negotiated between you and your client. Initial fees are settled weekly.

Your ongoing Income

Your client pays an ongoing, fixed fee of 2% p.a to SA Bullion. SA Bullion distributes 25% of fees earned to you, as our business partner. This amount is billed monthly in arrears via debit order. Ongoing fees are settled monthly.

For investment amounts over R 5 million, please enquire about preferential terms or alternative fee structures.

How does my company get started?

1. Sign in & register

Register your company and create your personal login, you can add additional members of your company afterwards.

2. We will be in touch

Once you have registered your company, we will verify all legal documents. Following approval, we will contact you and support with the initial setup.

3. Start earning fees

Your company is ready to do business and grow its portfolio while earning fees from current clients.

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