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Looking back to plan ahead

Imagine your client had invested in gold 10 years ago.
What would their investment be worth now?
Let's compare the performance of cash in the bank against gold over the last 10 years.

Advisor Details

Your savings calculation

Here’s how your savings would have grown had you started with a monthly contribution of ten years ago.

Over a period of 10 years your investment in the BullionGold Facility would have outperformed cash in the bank by
A difference of

BullionGold Facility
Cash In Bank

BullionGold Facility value today

Cash in the bank value today

Historical comparison of performance (10 years)
Year BullionGold Facility Cash In Bank Difference

Summary Information

  • Total Krugerrands purchased over 10 years

  • Total contributions over 10 years

  • BullionGold Facility value

  • Cash In Bank value

  • Difference in value

Investment Information

  • Monthly Contribution

  • SA Bullion initial fee

  • VAT

  • IFA initial fee

  • VAT

  • Net Monthly Contribution

Krugerrands are purchased at 3% over the gold price.
An annual fee of 2% is payable on all gold holdings and is inclusive of vaulting, insurance and administration costs.

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